Prototype Development

Are you looking to produce a prototype of your new product? All we require is a fully dimensioned drawing, sketch or sample.

Our prototype and development team has extensive experience in producing and testing engineering prototypes.

We can produce premium quality one-off or multiple prototypes from something as basic as a hand-drawn sketch to a complex CAD file. If required, we can also help you refine and improve your prototype design before demonstrating it to potential investors/customers. With ongoing investment in CNC machinery, we are able to offer precise components in all shapes so you can bring your product quickly and cost effectively to market.


Do you need help taking your prototype to the next stage? Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Waflos FMU in action

Have you ever wondered just how wire forms are made? This video shows our Wafios FMU 1.2 in action.

Customer Comments

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the comments our existing customers have made

Key Metrics

We have a programme in-place to monitor our performance with the aim of achieving continuous improvement in all areas of handling orders

Eliminate extra tooling and costs

We can often eliminate the costs for extra tooling for prototype developments as we have a wide range of in-house designed and constructed tooling including laser cutting and CNC wire eroding.

Refine and improve your prototype

If you need help to refine your prototype our team can help develop and test ideas further running small batches for testing and further assessment.

Low or high volume production

With all production carried out in-house, we have the opportunity to scale production runs according to budget and requirements. Our quality assurance standards also give peace of mind.